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PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 7:26 pm 
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Just by way of introducing myself to this splendid forum, I shall begin by citing my relevant background, followed by my task at hand here, and initial pursuit of desired aims and goals, which I next list in the general questions/observations section , and with much gratitude, thank all those that are willing and able to aid me in my personal fulfilment, to the benefit of one and all, thank you!

As a Deste (and Finn) decendant, (Tivoli Gardens & Engineers to the Romney Marsh Drainage System), I have always had a great propensity and interest in anything water; especially springs, rivers & streams, ponds & lakes etc.. If there is a pool of water somewhere, I am sooner or later bound by my genes to find it! You would need your fingers to count the ponds in my garden!

So it was only a matter of time before I entered the areana of Wells & Holy Wells, although on my parental farm of origin, we had at least three ponds and three wells too!

My principal area of study to date is centered around the lesser know but interesting study of an Eask Kent Stream. A comprehensive study of its; past, bridges & culverts, conservation & ecology, topography, eco-niche habitats, wildlife within & around, flora & fauna. You get the picture, all and everything. From a comprehensive overview of a 'typical' kentish/ english/ universal river system, one then wishes to see the impact by man and the modern age with regard to all changes, good and bad, which undoubtedly are now bearing down with alarming effects and consequences, on what has until only recently (in many cases), been under the superficial priviledge of a time enduring, modestly sustained 'near green' and undisturbed credentials.
Of course, and sadly so, much of our water courses have been greatly 'de-greened' decades, even centuries ago. Distorted sadly away from their support of all things nature, all things of life etc.. But suprising perhaps, there are water systems, streams & ponds, which since the eons of time, have vuirtually remained undisturbed, - till now!
But clearly this state of endured preserve, will soon be 'blended to the bland' as is sadly is the inevitable way as we all witness the advancement and ever increasing incursion of man upon this unique planet of life.

As with all things archaeological. To find, see, understand, log and preserve, - for perpetuity. To remedy our imposing & erraneous actions - is the driving force and goal.

I started with springs, ponds and streams, and now to complete, it seams a natural progression to include the much previously neglected area of wells & holy wells. Being of a non-through flow nature, it is of no surprise that this area of study is producing the most stagnant of water bearing study zones, highlighting most starkly, both the impact and the follow-through neglect by mankind. If our rivers did not flow, we would of had to address these issues a lot sooner!, if only under the banner and remit of hygene and the necessitating avoidance of pestilance & disease!

Another stark and imposing fact emerging recently, is whilst in the computer age, virtually everything we know is being logged, and wisely so. So to is it true that our past, - folk knowledge & folklore, - as handed down from generation to generation, is becoming increasingly more opaque, obscure and hard to find assimulate with the advancement of both widening generation gaps and the greater shift from pastoral, folk and local knowledge, of all things past, to the 'tunnel vision focus' by the young, negated also by our 'target driven' society, to all things of now and future. It has and is being realised that with our elders, much of our past knowledge will secretly go to the grave with them, leving big chunks of our past knowledge, lost forever.

Thus there has never been a greater need to learn, assimulate, study, understand and to archive everything now, before much is lost and much
has changed to being beyond repair & retrival, for us to act appropriately with, in the future! This is my outline of passion and reasoning for being in this on-line forum.

In the General Questions/Observations section I list the remit and scope of my studies here and also openly and graciously welcome any comments and knowledge aid etc. forthcomming, which aids me in my desire to complete, both for my own study interest and for the furtherance of knowledge growth to this splendid and worthwhile forum.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 9:17 pm 
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Hi and welcome to the forum borso_d_este, and thanks for the flattering comments. I look forward immensely to seeing what you have to say on the ecological and historical side not just of Wells but also water more widely. In particular I look forward to your views on the recording of folklore, which I agree is really in danger with regards to Holy Wells, and indeed water courses more widely, as important lessons that were once instrumental to the passage of life are now forgotten.


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